Companies can use the data to better understand the issues police confront, to develop more precise models, and to test their hypothesis using real data. Providing open data stimulates economic development and promotes the discovery of new technologies. Internal agency users can also benefit from open data.

With experimentation in mind, rather than a specific set of tactics that the foundation seeks to encourage, there can never be an end to the process. What works in one city may not work in another. Policing constantly faces new challenges, so there is an endless process of discovery and testing, trying new ideas in changing circumstances, and testing them by the most rigorous and objective standards in real-world experiments.

Many in the science and technology communities have aspirations of developing the next generation of crime fighting tools, technologies and approaches. Open data levels the playing field and provides all of these entities access to the data they need to be more effective.

“Data science is a team sport, and we can’t do this without you” – DJ Patil, U.S. Chief Data Scientist

The Police Foundation’s Public Safety Data Portal is fully supported by our technology partners, ESRI and Socrata. Through which, the Public Safety Data Portal offers all datasets in two Open-Data platforms in an effort to provide multi-faceted means of data analysis and display differences for Law Enforcement Practitioners, Community Members, Mappers, Civic Hackers, and all else.

ESRI: ArcGIS for Developers

Socrata: SODA Developers