About The Data

Public Safety Professionals are entrusted with keeping information close in order to protect privacy interests of citizens and to ensure that those who would use data for criminal purposes do not have access. Police agencies can participate in open data innovation and initiatives without jeopardizing this trust or their responsibilities, and the datasets here are examples of this participation.

With experimentation in mind, rather than a specific set of tactics that the foundation seeks to encourage, there can never be an end to the process. What works in one city may not work in another. Policing constantly faces new challenges, so there is an endless process of discovery and testing, trying new ideas in changing circumstances, and testing them by the most rigorous and objective standards in real-world experiments.

In this spirit, the links below will bring you to Agency portals and datasets in an effort to provide multi-faceted means of data analysis and display differences for Law Enforcement Practitioners, Community Members, Mappers, Civic Hackers, and all else.


Available Datasets


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